Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Product Review. FM Tried & Tested

Hey Ladies, If you follow my blog & seen my recent post about how I have joine & started working for FM then you may be interested in this post too.
I believe in total honesty & if I'm selling a product to someone i want them to contine to come to me in future, & the best way to insure that??? complete 100% honesty.
So I bought a a few products to try out and let you judge for yourselves.

Firstly here is a picture of the two Items I am reviewing in this post. Automatic eye pencil (£4.99) & Nail Polish; shade 'Fresh Mint' (£5.49). To check out the full description of these two products & to see what else I'm selling visit www.facebook.com/nikcolesfmcosmeticsorders any question or to place an order message me.
Anyway going a little off topic there back to the product review;
The products on there own.
Products & the pages in the brosure.

Right I shall start my review with my faverite of the two; The Nail varnish, before I bought this nail varnish, I normally wear just a cheep one I can pick up from anywhere, but I can neer find a color that dosnt take about 5 counts before you can see it, or that dosnt chip the second I move my hand 9slight over exaduration on the shipping part but oh well). Now, Fm's Nail varnish in 'Fresh Mint' (which I bought as it goes perfectly with my dress I'm wearing for my engagement party) went on with only one coat, the color was clear, no streaksm dried quickly and even after the manic day I've had today and washing the dishes, no chips at all still as perfect as it was when I first applied. I also find with most nail varnish that I get the polish everywhere as the brush is always wrongly shaped, however the shape of the brush with Fm's nail polish was perfect an aided me for quick and easy application. I would honestly give it a 10/10.

The finished result (ignore the fat man hands of mine lol)
Next on my product review list is the Automatic eye pencil. Now normally I can only wear some brands of eye pencil as I have really sensitive eyes so some brands can really irritate my eyes, so at first I was a bit weary but I'm glad I bought it. If like me you have sensitive eyes, its not a problem, went on easy and was strong enough to even do the OTT look as my nan calls it haha. my only concern with this one is (duno if it was just my shaky hand) it dose smuge not easy easily as others I have tried and once it had sttled on my eye I didnt have to worry about it again, it stayed in place an didnt feel to heavy like some eye make up dose. I also tend to sometimes go quite heavy with the eye liner and the pencils go blunt realy easy & I can never find my sharpener, but this one also has a hidden sharpener at the end. Very happy with it over all Id give it a 9 out of 10.
End result: The natural look
End result The OTT look as nan calls it. Lol

Over all Id say Im a happy shopper :D
To order from me dont forget to check out my facebook page www.facebook.com.nikcolesfmcosmeticsorders & follow me on twitter @NiksFmcosmetics

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