Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nikcole's FM Cosmetics

Do you pay £2000 for your dresses or do you buy a dress from M&S, Next, River Island or any other high street store. Do you ask them if those dresses are fake or a copy? Why not? because all the dresses you see in the shops are inspired by designs from major design labels like Dior, Stella McCartney, Chanel and many others. FM perfumes are the same. We create exclusive fragrances, based on the current designer inspired trends, however our scents are unique to us and while they may share some ingredients and notes, they are not copies and not designed to be. Remember while a brand name can be trademarked a smell cannot. Each of us smell differently and each fragrance smells different on each person. In blind testing FM’s fragrances mostly comes out top, compared to popular high street brands fragrances. So let you nose be the judge!

I wanted a new challenge, something to do in my spar time, something I knew I'd be good at & something Id enjoy. I found FM cosmetics. I'd created a facebook page for my FM orders & My mission is to provide quality cosmetics (make up & Perfume). FM not only provides quality products but products at amazing prices. Check it out at 

About FM:
FM GROUP is a network marketing company established in 2004 in Europe and has experienced incredible expansion throughout the world, quickly gaining universal approval in the world perfume market and becoming well respected by its suppliers, independent representatives, and customers as an honest and reliable company.

Since launching, FM GROUP has opened offices in over 52 countries worldwide, including major Perfume markets such as France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, with more branches set to open in the near future. FM GROUP offers a great opportunity for anyone with an entrepreneurial attitude to build a business virtually anywhere in the world!

Our products are designed by very known and well respected company located in Munich, Germany with over 100 years in the perfume industry and one of the 10 best designers of fragrance in the world! Over the past five years it has extended its product range, now offering a choice of over 200 different fragrance scents, together with other high quality perfumed toiletries. Complimenting the exclusive perfume collection are perfumed products such as: beautifully fragrant body balms, shower gels, deodorants, hand & nail creams and aftershaves.

Important benefits of FM GROUP
Absolutely innovative, universal,Exceptional Fragrance quality Priced up to 5 times lower than competitive scents from the same fragrance family Our 30 or 50ml Women’s Perfume contains 20% essential oil and our 50 or 100ml Gentleman's Eau de Parfum has 16% of essential oils. Compare this to the weaker Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum at 6% - 15% which people often purchase in retail outlets.
For Entrepreneurs, an opportunity to build an international business with a potentially unlimited income opportunity. (visit the Opportunity section to learn more) Constantly expanding our boundaries to give our Independent Representatives access to great products and opportunities anywhere in the world.v
Our products are made for people of every age. With so many fragrances, there is something for everyone. We offer you high quality products and many alternative fragrances, perfect in every way. They invigorate your senses, even those that are very demanding. We sincerely hope that you decide to co-operate with us and we will do our best to guarantee our professionalism and the highest quality products.

We would like our Independent Representatives to also become pioneers of our company by developing their distribution chains. We invite you to learn more and become involved in creating the power of our company. FM GROUP Canada opened in September of 2007 and while this expanding company brings new entrepreneurs every day if you have networks and distribution chains you may combine this opportunity with existing businesses to bring fresh excitement and extra income. The FM GROUP opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of background or experience. All you really need is a desire to improve your life — whether that includes the flexibility to spend more time with friends and family, extra money to pay bills or a new career that could enable you to buy that dream home or car. Are you ready to take control of your future? If so, please visit the Opportunity section to learn more.

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