Tuesday, 26 June 2012

This facebook group needs deleting!!!!!

I'm calling out to anyone with a heart, anyone who has ever lost a baby & anyone with a little common scense. I came across this group on a page I view regualrly & I think it needs reporting & deleteing, Its main aim is to make jokes about dead babies. I posted a comment on the wall stating that I found the group offensive & I was reported & then personally attacked for indoviduals "freedom of speech to make jokes about what ever we please" yet me voicing my offensice is wrong???

They are trying to justify the group by saying in the description it states "Dead Baby Jokes contains highly offensive humor and should not be viewed by individuals who are easily offended by tasteless humor. We here at Dead Baby Jokes take the safety of your children at heart, and do not in any way condone the killing of babies, or any other manner in which harm could come to a child.

View at your own risk."

Dose this still make it right? I'm not the only one who has been offended by it an I think more people should speak up. Pages have been deleted fr a lot less, why should this one be any different? Also Anyone wo posts that they find the group offensive (spoken to a number of people) have then been attacked by some of the 22,000 people who like the group on personal things, I myself was attacked for and I quote "being stupid enough to look at a group about baby jokes if I found it offensive" & for "having a N***a as a partner" I think this is wrong an is bening the rules of freedom of speech

Please help me by reporting the group & getting the page deleted.

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