Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words. Hubba Hubba ;-p

OK I said Id keep updating but life has kinda been a bit crazy lately so to make it up to my followers I've decided to dedicate this post to me re awakened obsession with the beautifully stunning Shemar Moore.

Since Criminal Minds season 8 aired here in the UK I've been in hibernation, starting from season 1 I've watched every episode and fell in love with Shemar all over again. Then when I found out his website is due to be opened at midnight on 14/2/13 (western time) I almost fainted & yes ok I have been stalking his twitter account lolz. But hey whats a girl to do? can you blame me when he looks like this?

I did have a lot more I was going to say in this post but now I'm slightly distracted lolz As the say a picture speaks a thousand words ;-) Hubba Hubba Hubba.

Just one word. HAWT!
Could this be any cuter?

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