Monday, 2 July 2012

Fm cosmetics product Review.

Hey ladies, if you are a regular follower of my blog then you will know about my recent work with FM.
So I thought Id give you a bit more information about FM before I go onto my product reviews (By actual FM Customers & the odd review by myself).

Who Are FM? You may ask, FM (Federico Mahora) is an exclusive designer brand expanding rapidly throughout the world. We market our products via a channel of independent agents instead of using shops, models, celebrities,TV ads, etc. As we market via word of mouth and customer referrals, it means 2 things;
1. we can keep our prices very low
2. the quality needs to be excellent as we offer a personal guarantee of satisfaction.
Does any perfume store you know offer you this????

Did you know that up to 97% of the cost of fragrances in shops go on marketing, advertising, celebrity endorsements and packaging? Our product range is targeted to the "discerning shopper" who can recognise quality, and are smart enough to know that "quality" dosnt have to cost an arm & leg.
FM offers one of the largest selection from any of the Fragrance Houses, with over 150 exclusive fragrances in our range. We market our perfumes by numbers, and mostly standardised packaging meaning lower costs. This also means we can respond to market/fashion trends very quickly. Each year we introduce over 30 new fragrances.

Many people in the UK are unfamiliar with the FM brand so are naturally a bit dubious of the quality, and as we have such a wide range, as a guide, we direct people the type of fragrance families they normally like. Eg. Fresh, Floral, Orential or Woody. However most peopledont know about fragrance families! So in an effort to educate them, we ask customers what type of fragrances they normally like. This helps us identify fragrances in the FM range which may suit and please them. 

We have 100 fragrances in our classic range costing just £11.99 for 30 ml ladies parfum or 50 ml EDP for men.  We source our perfume oils from 'Drom', who produce oils for many of the world's top perfumes houses. We only use the highest quality, purest of oils in our products. Much of our packaging is made from eco-friendly materials. Our products are not tested on animals. So become a savvy shopper become an FM shopper.

Check out my albums to look at our prducts & message me for more details. 

Right and back on topic, Product Reviews:

My personal Review: You may have seen my review of this product in my blog a few posts ago, but if not here it is again.  (shade: Fresh Mint)I normally wear just a cheep one I can pick up from anywhere, but I can neer find a color that dosnt take about 5 counts before you can see it, or that dosnt chip the second I move my hand 9slight over exaduration on the shipping part but oh well). Now, Fm's Nail varnish in 'Fresh Mint' (which I bought as it goes perfectly with my dress I'm wearing for my engagement party) went on with only one coat, the color was clear, no streaksm dried quickly and even after the manic day I've had today and washing the dishes, no chips at all still as perfect as it was when I first applied. I also find with most nail varnish that I get the polish everywhere as the brush is always wrongly shaped, however the shape of the brush with Fm's nail polish was perfect an aided me for quick and easy application. I would honestly give it a 10/10.

 Product Review found online: FM101 Body Lotion: Smells exactly like the perfume, has great staying power.

FM81 Hand Cream: Fragrance is barely there for me as i like strong moisturising creams (i'm a soap&glory gal) but i have a few customers who have tried my cream at parties and loved it :)

 Product Review found online: Nice large size and very subtle colours, has a shimmer element but nothing overbearing...being a redhead i've never been able to wear blusher without looking like a clown but the coral blush just gives me a natural flush which looks lovely :)

 Product Review found online: Liquid Eyeliner: Rubbish! Don't know if i've stored it wrong (says horizontal and i do) but it's just really pale and doesn't come out or apply properly, it's not striking at all.
Automatice Eyeliner: AMAZING! Best eyeliner i've yet to try, i have the Deep maroon and Black colours and i love them both...i aim to have one of every colour in these as they are great for definition :)

My Personal Review: Again you may have sen my review of this prouct in a previeous post, however here it is again. Now normally I can only wear some brands of eye pencil as I have really sensitive eyes so some brands can really irritate my eyes, so at first I was a bit weary but I'm glad I bought it. If like me you have sensitive eyes, its not a problem, went on easy and was strong enough to even do the OTT look as my nan calls it haha. my only concern with this one is (duno if it was just my shaky hand) it dose smuge not easy easily as others I have tried and once it had sttled on my eye I didnt have to worry about it again, it stayed in place an didnt feel to heavy like some eye make up dose. I also tend to sometimes go quite heavy with the eye liner and the pencils go blunt realy easy & I can never find my sharpener, but this one also has a hidden sharpener at the end. Very happy with it over all Id give it a 9 out of 10.

 Product Review found online: The plumping lipgloss has that tingling sensation you'd expect from a plumping product but it's not uncomfortable like some can be, and i find the colour blends in with your natural lip colour to become a clear gloss which looks lovely and lasts well between applications.

Product Review found online: I'm not a face powder fan, much prefer foundation but i LOVE this powder...has great coverage (isn't cake-y at all)and gives a nice matt finish to the skin leaving it feeling silky soft even without the use of the silicone primer :)

 Product Review found online: This primer is the best i have tried (and i have L'Oreal studio secrets in my make up bag!) it's gel formation gives it a unique selling point against the high street brands and i find the smallest amount covers large areas effectively....i use this at parties on the back of peoples hands and get at least 2 sales from the demo as it just feels silky soft :)

 Product Review found online:i have the peach one of these and expected it to be like the juicy tubes you can get, but although it smells lush i find it really sticky and not nice on my lips

  FM 355

Combined fruit notes of lemon, yuzu with lotus flower, complemented with oriental accords of sandalwood, cedar and vanilla. Very tempting, feminine composition. new !

My personal review: ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!! no other way to descrbe it really, lovely soft fragrance, not over powering & lasted all Night, I got lots off comploments on my perfume at my engagment party. Deffinltly recomend.

 FM 356

A pinch of the exotics and a handful of femininity expressed with original aromas of frangipane, violet, myrrh and patchouli. new !

Product Review from Mally Clews: Placed my first order with fm (perfume 356) very elegant. Amazing quality for the price, quick delivery, excellent service. I will defiantly order from you again and I will be recommending to friends & family. Thanks.


Lydia s said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm a new member of FM group in Malaysia and was looking for reviews from all around the world. Your blog has good quality contents and a lot of information that i didnt know about FM.

Valary Dymond said...

Nice Blog on FM Group! I signed up to be a consultant once, but stopped because my cleaning business was taking up most of my time. However, I still buy their perfumes once and awhile because I just can't bet the price and quailty. Not just saying this, I really mean it. There are pro's and con's though, like the fact that the classic range bottle designs are boring, but it's what's inside that counts. The Luxury bottles designs are more interesting, but cost more (though not expensive). Also each perfume's numbered rather then given individual names, takes alittle getting use to that. I don't know what the make-up is like as I hardly wear any. I just go for the perfumes!Val x